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Welcome to Help Find Their Voice

Welcome to Help Find Their Voice, where we can help and support each other. Being a parent is the hardest job on earth. I created this site so we can come together and help each other be the best parents we can be. I will be sharing all about my life and the progress of the kids I work with. Everything from fun activity to how I teach and stay positive through out the day. I also am writing a book and will be sharing that with all of you once I’m finished. Thanks for being part of our group, life is about supporting each other. 

I am a big support of early reading. The earlier the better. Reading is the most important skill to have to life. If we can start teaching our children to read before 5, They will have a much easier time in life. We have to stop leaving it up to the schools to teach our children everything. In those first 5 years before school starts is the most important years. We need to put everything into them that we can. Reading is the MOST important. Skip ABC’s and writing early. That will come much easier when they can read. I will be sharing the program I use and all the fun things we do around reading. You can make it fun and they will never look at reading in a bad way.

I will be here to help in anyway I can. I know we are all busy and have endless to-due lists. I read so much and would love to research and share with you my findings. So if you have a problem or an issue you are needing help with. I am no expert but I can take the time to research it and also ask my followers if they have had the same issue and what worked for them. Please go to my blog page and leave your comment/Question. I will go right to work. I just want to help as much as possible. With support from each other we will come up with a solution. Thanks for helping me be a better parent as well.