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Fun Learn and Play project

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This is a recycle reduce reuse project. I like to save lots of house hold waste products, to reuse as art. These egg cartons work amazing for so many projects. This is a Caterpillar. We only used scissors, glue, paint, pipe cleaners, glitter, puff balls, and craft eyes. But you can truly use so many different things. Use whatever you have and just make it fun. Let them use their imagination and creativity skills. If they want to change something let them. This is a big part of learn and play. Crafts are a great way to learn listening skills and direction following. But at the same time if they think of an idea you did not, let them try it and see if it is a fail or win. This is life, we have to try to see if it works, if we never try, we will never know.  Thank them for their ideas and if it is a fail, say well we tried and it did not work, do you have another idea we can try??? or do you want to do it the way I figured out. Positivity  goes along way. Last part is, please if you do this share with me at my contact email, and I’ll post it in my blog. Thanks again for your support and keep coming back to see what we have done in recent posts.

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