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3 Seemed so little and 4 Seems so big . . . Blogging juggle

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Over the past month of my child being 4, I have seen so much growth and change in him. He is really, really reading everything he can. He is answering questions without repeating and he is listening and over all comprehending. He is pretty much all the way potty trained and taking himself without help both number 1 and 2. Still holds it for way to long so we will have little leaks before we make it sometimes but has shown so much improvement. He is asking to do learning activity’s or books all day. I felt like when he turned 3 just one year ago he was already big but still little in so many ways. He is super small for his age too, still is. In the last year he has grown about an inch and a half and is a solid 35 pounds. He is still in 2T and 3T clothes. He also started singing everyday after he turned 4. Its the best part of him getting older. He is getting way more musical. He also is wanting to sing out parts in movies and like always do the kissing scene. My boy loves to give loves. He has so much love to give this world can’t wait to share him. We are working on an xmas song it will be super fun. He has been hands on all day for weeks, giving me very little time for my blog. I do some in the am early early, I do some work at nap time or quite time if the kids stay content. I mostly work at night, when I feel I am not at my best, but I have to fit in time anywhere I can.

In starting this blog, I had no idea how hard it was going to be to juggle everything. I keep starting things but have my time cut short and then have to go back and try to remember my thought process. I also have a very active demanding little boy. Now that he is 4 he knows that our days are all about learning. So I have been recording here and there our play and learn time. I feel very little stress with all of this. I need to keep it fun and unforced and flowy.  I am still finding my flow, getting better and better everyday at balancing everything. My son was much more willing to keep himself content but now that 4 is here. . . . lets just say its a whole new in your face. He will say mom your done working lets play. I want him to always know he is my most important so I finish up as fast as I can and jump into play and learn with him. It’s the most important, making sure all of this is not taking from him. The last 10 months have been a big wake up call for me. I have been working on the computer more then I ever have at home. My son started making all kinds of things into computers, he’s watching me. I realized I was pushing him away to do this or I was getting upset if he hit a key and messed up what I was working on. This is when I took a big step back and said this is all here and will come with time. I will never give up. I will keep working for my dreams, But I’m not missing 4 like I missed part of 3 not being present. I was so hyper focused on my dreams and goals forgetting at times who I was doing this all for. I have been meditating a lot and giving myself care I had started neglecting. I will find my flow and not have to miss a lot doing it. My son is 4 . . . . wow has that 4 years flown by. We as mothers are willing to sacrifice so many things for our childern, Sleep, our sanity and so much more. Lets make sure its not the very little time we have with them. Put your phone down, your laptop away, turn the T.V. off and just look at your child, study that face, make sure you remember them at 2 or at 4 or even at 10. Just always stop and smell the roses. Life goes by way to fast to not slow down and just be.

I will find my balance with all of this and you guys will start see more and more posts. Happy parenting and keep those priority strait, your baby’s will not be baby’s forever. I started slipping but now startimg to find my new balance.

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