My name is Emily Coe and I have an amazing drive and passion for life, my life is for kids, to help them learn and grow. I have always loved children, and have spent a lot of my life enjoying them. So many children I have cared for are grown and have kids of there own. Pretty crazy how many years I have been watching them grow like magic. I do love to teach and I’m naturally a fun teacher. I always thought of fun creative ways we could be learning in school. I always knew learning could be fun. I feel like we have to be our child’s first fun teacher. I have one son 3 years old and I only have one because . . . well. . .  I need a site just like this to help me. I go ask Google instead. I will be here now to help with every parenting problem, Just ask.

I started doing child care from age 12, Got my babysitting certificate and CPR and First Aide certified. I love to play and spend time with kids. It was like ,wow I get paid for this. Still feel this way. I will always be growing and learning with the children in my care. They truly teach us more then we teach them. I do so many fun things with my kid/extra kids, like paint, sing/play insturment’s, have dance party’s, learning activity’s, and one of the most fun things I do is make picture art with snacks. I use peanut butter, pretzels, dried fruit, fruit and veggies. It makes it fun and I tell them to play with their food and try and make their own pictures, they love it.

Life is short, have fun, laugh and smile.

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