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I truly started my life loving and caring for any child smaller then me. I always made friends and do not care age. If they were fun and nice, I was there friend. I seemed to just love to play with kids the older I got the more I just wanted to hangout with kids, a lot of the times younger then me. Around eleven I asked grandma if I could start watching other peoples kids. She said at twelve I will be old enough. So shortly after my 12th birthday I took an all day class , where I became certified in child care. After this I never remember being short on people that needed babysitters. I never cared about the wage, I just thought it was awesome to get paid to play with other kids and there toys. I had some long term ones, and some one time ones. I loved every child every time, but did not stay in child care, I worked in retail, food, banking, car dealership, and then . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I hit hard times and ended up taking a day care job, It was going to pay the bills until I could find something better. I thought I can do this I use to babysit all the time. . . . . . . . . Well lets just say babysitting and having kids 5 days a week for up to 8 hours a day is WAY different. You see them more then their parents. You can not just have fun the whole time you have them and you can not be relaxed about there misbehavior. Lets just say after a few weeks the baby’s room was not the quietest. I had the responsibility of 4 children under 2. I was not prepared for how hard the job would be or how draining. At the end of the first week, I honestly started looking for a new job. This was not fun or easy like I remembered. I was getting paid minimum wage and barely making it. One little boy was my hardest and just happened to be super adorable. After 4 or 5 weeks I could not control this little boy, I was way lost with his behavior.  The lady I worked for help me by having me read a very small but helpful book, I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me but I figured out what was going on with that little boy. He figured me out before I figured him out. He was playing me and my emotions. He was how the book put it ” smarter than me” and I needed to catch up. So I started to really work with him and it only took one week for him to respect me, this is why his behavior was improving. I changed my way of dealing with him. I also started to tell him how smart he was and that I knew he had tricked me before but I know now and I’m not going to fall for it. He was so smart he realized fast I had gotten smarter, and after each time out, there were many, I said I know your smart and I love how smart you are but Emily is just as smart now and I’m going to catch you every time. It was the first time I started to really understand kids.

In this same day care, there was a very special but very under developed beautiful little girl in my room. At first I was not sure what to do with her. An almost 2  1/2 year  that was like a new born almost. Had to be feed and could not even sit up. I did not have her every day, but on the days I did those first few weeks, I studied her. She was responding and understanding a lot of what we were saying. Her eyes were filled with the most sparkly blue eyes. So sweet and full of light. So I started to really work with her,  making sure I involved her in reading time and art time. I asked the mother more about her condition and I researched it. After that I found out she just has to be pushed and consistence is very important. So I started pushing with everything I knew. Then One day her physical therapist was late and she just came back to my room and did her therapy with the little girl and I watched and took mental notes. But I did not need it the therapist ask me if I could start doing the same routine with this little girl every chance I got. I was very excited and now had  a sheet of what motions to do with her to help her walk some day. I did ,at the day care every day sometimes twice a day if I felt she could do it. I never gave up on her from the moment I started working with her. After one year I found a job and put in a 3 week notice. Truly the hardest job I ever left. But need more income. I wished every day I could take my kids with me but I knew I could not. I was so blessed to be asked to care for this little girl outside of the center. The little girl I had been working with. She was getting stronger and stronger every day and was worried she would not continue to be worked with like I was. But her mom chose me and it made it much easier to leave the center knowing all my hard work with this amazing little girl was going to keep going. I was very sad still leaving that other little boy that I had helped with his behavior, and every other child was amazing in their own way.

In just that one year, I grew so much and realized I wanted to be with children again.I loved everything about the work. I was very attached and it made me so depressed after leaving but having that one little girl I got to see often made it much easier. I knew out of all of my kids at the center, This little girl needs me, she needed me to push her and get her walking was the main goal. After 2 1/2 years of working with her and never giving up on her. She finally started really walking for me. It was one of the more rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life. At this point I was a kid addict. I decided I was not going to work at another center or go back to school. I decided I was going to open my own day care one day. I never stopped talking about it and I kept my focus on it. I knew it would happen I felt it in my soul, that is was my calling in life. To help children grow and learn.

A few years later I had my own child. A little boy at the very end of summer. I was going to go back to work but decided I needed to start my dream of having a day care. Shortly after this decision a friend ask me to help her out with her 4 year old boy. He was behind and about to start school in the fall less then a year away . He was very active and had a very hard time focusing and sitting still. I realized right away why he could not learn in a preschool setting. I did nothing but fail with him the first month, but I never gave up on him. I just had to start thinking outside of the box. I started to do activity learning games, at home outside in the yard, even at the park. I integrated in learning with active play. I then started to see his little brain click and his eyes lit up every time he remembered something. I did the same reading program I was doing with my own baby. His brain soaked in that program and my teaching ways helped him get ready for school the next year. I had him for 6 months and by the end he was reading over 100 sight words, he knew his ABC’s and how to write his name. His mom was so thankful and I was very sad he would not be coming anymore. At this point in my child care experience I had to really open up my heart and mind and realize every child is going to have to leave me. I am only here to teach them for a short time, and then they have to take my memories and teachings with them and I just have to hope a made a difference in their lives. I had a little day care out of my home for over 3 years. but sometime your pulled in a different direction.

I ended up leaving after almost 8 years of working with that little girl I helped walk. It was harder then I ever imagined but sometime you have to leave to help a child that needs you more. I had the honor of working with a family that had a son with a very severe case of autism. When I first started working with him he was barely talking and in his own world a lot. I started to understand him better and better. I had some rough days but they were the days I learned the most. I would do 2-3 hour one on one sessions with him. The first day I was with him 2 hours and he said a few words to me. It was such a moving experience I cried afterwards. this moment in my life something changed inside of me. I felt I was meant to help children find their voice, even if that meant through me. I worked with him almost every day for 8 months. He became less and less in his world and more in mine, he responded to me singing, he showed great intelligence everyday . The last few months, we put up a white board and started writing down his words as he would say them. He was not only now talking every day, he was talking sentences and laughing when things were funny. He was able to go on a walk and play at the park little an every day kid. No more crawling or eating garbage. This was so rewarding to have been the person that got through to him. His family was so grateful for my work and service to them. He was now ready to go to school and they no longer needed my services. I ended my time with him potty training, he did amazing barely any accidents and not really to messy. He is now in school and is loving it.

During this big mental change in my life , I started to write a book. I am hitting all angles of my experiences. I decided that I wanted to help more people sooner so I’m also running this site and blog while I finish up my book. I’m also running a small preschool out of my house, 5 days a week. So I’ll be sharing all about what we do in my preschool on this site. I’m excited and ready to take this all to the next level. I’ll be able to help with anything I’ve had experience. Children our the future and we need to help guide them. Make sure you leave any questions you my have in the comment field and I’ll answer them. On my Q & A page as soon as possible.

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