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Computer Blues

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So It’s been a while since I posted, My computer finally got to old to work with everything I was doing. It kept crashing and crashing. Had to get external hard drive and wipe the computer of all pictures and videos. These last 2 years have been a lot of failure after failures but I just kept going. My life has not been easy so struggling is part of my personality. I had to give my computer a break but kept going with other project.

I had to save and research to find the right computer. I finally decided on a desk top so its easier to upgrade in the future. I had some local guys build it and even they were impressed with its performance. Me not being a very tecky person, was beyond pleased to hear so much enthusiasm from the tec guys. At first the set up was difficult, new computers are different in a few ways. It’s been a few years since I’ve had a desk top. I went and got some fun computer gear to help me get over the overwhelming feeling of this beast of a computer. But finally got it going and the feeling that consumed me at that moment was pure joy. Knowing I was making my Dreams come true. Like the universe was telling me YES this is your correct path. That will help you help as many people in this life as possible. I then sat on it overwhelmed for a bit, but then dived in and wow is what I thought. I jumped right into my first project and every time I clicked, It was real time, not loading in between each click. I was able to get so much more done in such a short period of time. I have to stop being such a perfectionist and realize its my first video. To leave room for improvement. So I’m on the final stages of our first class room video. Thanks for your support and blog post will be starting once again. Excited for our future.

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