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End of the Year Evaluations

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So I have been doing a little preschool for about a year now. Draydyn has been with me the longest a year almost. He started recognizing words just a few months after coming. He was getting help at home, which really helps. He was starting to read more and more and started talking in full sentences very clearly, shortly after that. He learned so much in such a short period of time, I was blown away. The love this kid has for books is immense. If I had time this kid would sit and read with me all day. He knows 4-6 colors depending on the day. He can recognize about 10 different words, he knows where all his body parts are.He is counting to 10 now, and to 3 in Spanish. He likes to paint and color and is hold his pencil correctly and if it falls he asks for help. He has just resonantly become obsessed with Dinosaurs. He is singing so much, with all the songs we sing. His manners are on point and he is so happy all the time. The latest thing is he likes to play all the instruments. He is getting good at the harmonica. Jesse and Draydyn have a great bond, I love it and he always wants to play and sing and do music time with him.This kid is forever moving. He is very big for almost 2 but his intelligence is impeccable.  I know this kid is going places.

So about 6 months ago I started 2 kids a sister and a brother. Paislee was 2 at the time and Colby 1. Colby is very small and under developed do to being a preemie. Paislee is the opposite, she is big for her age and is talking in clear sentences. Paislee showed so much intelligence in the beginning, She learned so much that first month. loves everything and anything about learning and then I went on a vacation for 9 days and I did not see them for over 2 weeks. It was a hard first day back and I saw a change in her for a few weeks tell she got readjusted . When she is here she is happy and having fun and loves it. She is always very involved and learning every time she is here. She knows 2 or 3 colors.  Some planets ( always knows Neptune) And she knows some of her names letters but is not sure of there names . She loves to paint and color and learned to hold her pencil correctly so quickly. She loves to do her name and can trace it almost perfectly. This girl loves projects and asks with in the first 10 mins what project we are doing and if she can color. She knows animals, shapes not all but a lot. She loves puzzles, even tho she gets frustrated when she can’t figure it out (Jairon is getting good at helping her).She always wants to go outside or play with play-dough. She is very active and busy which is great so she can keep up with the boys. She loves to sing and loves to dance. Her and my boy Jairon are very close and they sing and dance and play very well together. She loves books and wants to sometimes do them for an hour straight. She is only coming 6 days a month right now but if she decides to come more she will start to flourish. The more they come the more they learn.  She has a passion for learning and I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for her.

Colby was so little and light when I first got him. He was not walking yet, and He was very very dependent on that binky. Well he comes the most out of all the kids and he has also shown the most development. He was talking when he first came just very little. In the first week he pointed to the a car and said “red” it was a red car. I knew at that point he was very smart and was ready for my teaching. He sleeps a lot here too, 3 hour naps every day. So he really is only getting a few hours a day but consistent, which is the most important part. He walked just a month or so after coming and has been cruzin ever since. He loves red, but knows a few other colors. He knows some animals and circle. He is starting to count in both English and Spanish. He loves music and has been rippin up the harmonica and loves when Jesse plays the guitar. He is singing with all the songs/dancing and he too loves Jesse they have a bond and he often asks Jesse to read him a book.He loves to read but after a few books he is off and running( busy boy). He wants to color with the others and does great holding his pencil correctly for a short time. In the last week he is starting to really get it, but his attention span is very short so is off and running before the others are done. He loves to paint and the last time got mad when we had to stop. He lets me hold his hand the whole time and never grabs at the paint. It amazing that it only took one time of saying ” See that is yucky don’t touch it” and he has never done it again. He laughs when he gets his hand painted for projects. He will ask every time what color or he will just say it if he knows it. His language development is on point right now. He is repeating everything and is asking what everything is and when I tell him he listens and has been saying everything. The newest one is helicopter. He is about the same size but has become a little rock. He weights significantly more then 6 months ago. He is going to grow so much in this next year, can’t wait to see what this kids got to offer the world.

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