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Getting Ready for our Halloween party

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Halloween is our favorite holiday in this house. Christmas is a close second. I throw a party and invite all of our friends and family. This year my family is very busy and only a few can make it. I have made quite a few friends over the last 2 years and invited all of them plus old dear friends. I moved an hour away from most people I knew 2 years ago so not sure how many will be able to drive all that way. Hope we just have a good turn out and who every makes it, has a blast. Love to help the kids make memories.

So we spent all weekend and I mean all weekend cleaning and organizing the garage. We accumulated a lot of stuff in a year. We moved from an apartment and had just restarted our lives together just one year before that. We moved and It felt so empty in this house. We sure do love this house and the people in our neighborhood. After it was cleared out we made a wall with our skate ramp for the fishing game. Then I started to get everything fit together and I started covering the walls with black plastic bags and getting the place spooky for the party. We decided on 5 stationary games. The Fishing Ghoul pool, Bobbing for Apples, Cake Walk, Guess game and Pumpkin Smashing ( no pumpkins will be hurt in this game). I have made all 4 signs and the Jar for the guessing game.

Super excited to party it up with everyone. Back to party planning I go.

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