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Halloween!!!! Harry Potter theme this year

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              This is my favorite time of year. You can dress up and be whatever you want to be. This year my son is being Harry Potter. We are so excited, I’m going to be Hermione and Jesse Jairon’s dad is going to be Ron. My sister in law will be harry’s owl and my sister will be a dementor. Fun year for us we love Harry Potter. We decided when my son turned 3 we would start reading him Harry Potter. We are halfway through the 4th book, I love his excitement when its time to read it, and he is super into it lately. Every stick is a wand and everyone needs a spell put on them. Glad to pass on my passions to my child. We got every last piece of our costumes figured out and ordered today/tonight. It feels good to be ready so early. The house was all decorated by September 30th. I loved all 5 hours a spent doing it here and there over the weekend. I love fall, I might have mentioned that already. I have done a pumpkin project, the hand spider project with each of the kids and made them water color with fall colors. Just yellow, orange and red I was very impressed how long each child stayed focused on it. Everyone of them had a big portion of the page covered and communicated when they where done. We will be doing many more fun projects tell our Halloween party on the 31st. I’ll add some fun projects soon . Going to do a Halloween hat and paint a real pumpkin they can take home. So far we have a Minnie mouse and a Witch. Not sure what the other kids will be yet. Happy Halloween fun here we come.

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