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Halloween Party 2019

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We are so glad we got to throw an amazing Party in our new place. One year ago on November 1st we got our keys. I said in the first week that we will be throwing a Halloween party next year. I have a nice big garage and a great entertainment space in this house. We had to do it and have some fun with our friends and family. I spend many hours decorating and planning. I spent way to much money but it was worth it to have such a fun time in our new place. We had the garage setup with black lights and a orange glowing pumpkin. We had 4 games out there. The Ghoul pool, The Pumpkin Smash, the Cake Walk, and Bobbing for Apples. We made so many yummy treats like witch brooms, witch hats, Monster Mix, Monster pops and Dirt Cake.We ordered pizza halfway through to refuel. Everyone needed it to continue on with the party fun.

After Pizza we did the costume contest, First place win, went to Juni the Donut!! Second place prize went to Maite as the Disney Princesses Jasmine, Third place was Maxx the monkey. We then did musical Chairs. There was 13 kids so we only did one round. Some kids were sad and wanted to do it again but it took along time to get throught it just once. The kids had fun and It brought back so many childhood memories. Then we did dance party and ended the night with Dirt Cake and more snacking. Everyone had pretty full bags, with lots of candy and prizes st the end of the night. So many adults dressed up and the kids loved it. We had a moo cow, a German milk Maid, a fairy god mother, I skate boarder, a butterfly, a skeleton, a police officer and a Pirate. Loved to see the adults having some fun with it. I’m so glad we did it and so glad so many new friends could come. Hope next year more family can come and old friends. Tell next year.

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