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Happy Easter

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This is the first Easter in our new house.We are excited to have a yard to hid eggs in and a big 4 year old that really gets it this year. We did an Easter party at school this week. We made an Easter project, dyed craft eggs and did two different egg hunts. We had a great time. I had all the kids, a bit crazy but so fun and so worth the time and effort. I gave them each a basket with 2 flower shaped bracelets, 2 eggs filled with candy, and a stuffed animal. Then got more prizes from the second egg hunt. Each egg had a ticket in it, that had a word on it of the prize. They each ended up winning an Easter Book, some more candy, tops, parachute man, Easter coloring sets, and games. It was a great time, I love all these kids and know each one so well. I love being their teacher and love that I learn from them in ways I never knew. I’m truly blessed to have the life I do and can’t wait to see where all these wonderful little people end up.

I have so much to give in this life,and I love the way giving makes me feel. I give pieces of my soul to every child I work with. I hope that each one takes one or 2 things from what I teach and remembers it always. To think about how important so many teachers were in my life. That I still think about and have impact from. I hope to give this same kinda lasting effect on all the children I have worked with and will work with. Our truest gift we have on earth is to learn and to teach. We are always are doing one or the other and if we are not then we are staying stagnant in life. We have to have goals and dreams to be working towards always. If we spend our time just entertaining ourselves, we burn out at some point and then things like depression and anxiety happen because to have lost our drive or passion to life. I have so much passion for children’s early development, It’s the fundamentals of life. I received an amazing coupon from the ” your baby can learn” site, that I could not pass up. I know how very important knowing 2 languages is. Most countries learn 2 languages very early on. I always wanted to know Spanish and have learned some in school but I’m far from fluent. So I ordered The Spanish “Your baby can learn” for my son and the kids. It’s the whole program in Spanish. I am so excited to see how these kids brains soak up the new language.

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