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I turned 35, Beach trip

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I decided I wanted to rent a beach house for the first time, to celebrate making it halfway to 70. Pretty big deal, not everyone has made it this far. I invited 2 of my brothers, and their families. My friend Klayton came and My sister Kerry. It was so much fun, We ended up one mile from the beach at devils lake in Lincoln City. The beach house was more beautiful then I could possible imagine. Not to mention we could have not asked for more perfect weather. Perfect not to hot or to cold. We had many water extras that came with the house. Kayaks, paddle boards, and a paddle boat. We all had so much fun enjoying the beach(lake) house, We only ended up at the beach for a few hoursand it was cold. But while at the beach Jairon Flew a kite for the first time and we all built a huge sand castle. Just one mile in and the weather was so much different(warm). Once we got back we stripped down to more summery clothes and got back to enjoying the sun and the Lake. All the kids had such a fun time, We all ended up using everything. Pretty sure most everyone got a sunburn. We could not help it, The weather was too amazing. Later that night we had a campfire and roasted up some marshmallows for smores. The kids ended up heading in, to go watch a movie; while us adults stayed out at the fire talking while Jesse played his guitar. I just sat and watched the stars. We talked about space, and aliens. We talked about old times and childhood memories. I can’t remember any birthday’s that tops this one. I was so happy everyone could make it. I know Jairon made some great memories and I hope the other kids did as well.

In times like these where you realize this is what life is about. Making memories and taking time to spend with family. Every childhood memory has at least one of these people in it. So many adventure and thinking about all the times we almost died(got to love brothers).Looking up at the star thinking about do this same thing 25 years ago with these same people. But instead of talking about what we wanted to do and be when we grew up. We talked about kids/school/health/ and about our kids future. 25 years ago I dreamed to have the life I have now. To be with a nice man, that treats me well and respects me . With a nice house, friendly neighbors, and beautiful sweet children. I wanted to be happy,healthy and really in love. I wanted lots of kids but only have one. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .( I have baby fever) It made me realize I have made my dreams come true from 25 years ago, now I wonder where the next 25 years will take me.  So many things I want to do and so many goals I’m working towards. Feeling so blessed and excited to see where the next 35 years take me.

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