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Jairon got 2 stripes in the same day, He is kicking but at Karate

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Jairon has had a rough start with karate but is starting to come around. This week we saw a big improvement in him and he received 2 stripes on the same day. My child needs this as much as his father and I do. We are all learning self discipline and dedication to the art. We have all gotten bruises but its making us all stronger. Kerry is getting back into it so hope she sticks with it. The test is coming up again. Would be so cool if they both got their yellow belts. We would be a family of yellow belts. Jairon is waking up doing his 8 point blocking system. He taught his girl Paislee and wants to play Karate and be the instructor. He likes to make us do push ups when we mess up. He is so focused and serious when he is the instructor. He is only 4 and is super close to testing for his yellow belt. I will be so proud, I just worry a bit of the length of time of the test. He would have a hard time so I’m ok waiting another few months.

We have found our lost love. We all love everything about Karate. I have befriended a girl named Paige and we will be starting to workout together soon. She works so well with the pee-wee class and is super nice. I also found out a lot of the kids are special needs so I’m hoping to make so more PSW contacts so i can get back wear my heart is kids with special needs. I started reorganizing my book and I’m excited to get some more done. I can’t wait to see what other changes come along with our new found love,Karate.

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