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Jesse and I got invited to test for our Orange Belt

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We have been dedicating so much time and energy to Kempo. We are falling in love with the art.  I honestly never knew I could love something as passionately as I do so quickly. At first I just thought it would be  good to get in shape. I knew It would work me out better then I would work myself out at the gym. I wanted to support Jairon and show him we are all doing it. I thought it would be cool to beable to defend myself and to protect my loved one. But it had became much much more. There is a flow and connection to the moves. Once you start feeling the flow you naturally remember the sequence. The movements feels amazing, like you can almost feel you pushing the energy around. You feel more and more powerful with the moves as it starts to flow out of you. Kempo is incredible in everyway and I would recommend any family to go for life. You learn so much more then self defense.

Some other classes we are taking is a Qi class. John teaches us how to channel Qi in our class. We have steps we say in a way we believe it and visualize the energy in the place you want it in your body. Hands, whole body, arm, John puts us through tests to see if we can hold the feeling of Qi longer then a few seconds. Everyone can do it for a short time. The feeling is unlike anything I have ever felt. Can’t wait to go to my next class.

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