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Juni our newest Girl

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Juni’s brother go’s to the same dojo as my family. Her dad over heard me say I baby sat. I gave him my card and then about a week later he called and then Juni started shortly there after. She has been coming for about 3 weeks and has adjusted very quickly. She is about to celebrate her 4th birthday and has gone to a pre-school before. So this is not her first rodeo. She is very smart and loves to do painting and art. She asked to do art every time she comes. She really likes to play with Paislee when she comes on the same day. They like to play with Jairon and the best part is they both don’t like it when Jairon is rowdy and rude. They tell him if he wants to play with them he has to be nice. I’m excited about that, Jairon needs more then just me telling him to be nice and that people won’t like that behavior. They all got to go to the Zoo together and had a great time. Juni fits like a glove into our dynamic at school. She has already decided her favorite planet is Neptune because it purpley she said. That’s her favorite color. She also loves to talk unless she is tired and then she just wants to complain she is bored lol. She has not napped at my house yet but I have been wearing her out each day. I know she likes it here because she crys every time her dad picks her up and she asks to stay here longer. She is a lovely girl and I’m excited to see how her little brain works.

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