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Karate is going great

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  Jairon is doing very good in karate and got his second stripe. Just 2 more to go and he can test for his yellow belt. He had a rough patch where he was not doing it, at all. Personal one on one’s or group. It was frustrating but we stuck with it. The best part we are all doing it as a family. I love it and can’t wait to go each week. I have some more to learn before I can test. Jesse did some over time and worked a lot so missed 2 weeks of classes but just did his 3rd class and wants to get Ghee’s for us all soon. He said I want to do this and yes your right I need this as an outlet. We all do. Jairon will try and play ” Karate”with Paislee. He did his morning class so well, he was proud of himself. He is growing up so fast and has officially made a friend.” Eli” he is a little older then Jairon but he was so encouraging to him during practice. Trying to help him stay focused and then right after he was done, Eli came up and said ” Good job Jairon, Keep it up and you will be a purple belt like me”. It made his dad’s and mine hearts so happy that he has made a friend that truly cares and seems like such a sweet boy. He sure tested us just like he has every step of the way this far and I’m sure he will keep testing. We are going to do this as a family for life. I know its going to help us with structure and help Jairon have better balance in life as a whole. I have always wanted to do it but could not get over paying for it. Now that money is such a small part of why we want to do this its easy to just shift money around and make it work. I’m excited to get a ghee soon so I can feel official. We also just signed up Jairon for T-ball starting in May. Hope being in Karate well help him rock at t-ball. We will see, being a parent is hard.

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