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Kerry kicked butt for 2 weeks and got invited to the test

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Kerry has decided to go back to Kempo and has been showing some true dedication. Even when her mood gets negative and depressed she still go’s. Even If she burns out before its over and is out of it before class ends, she still went and did the whole class. I’m so proud of her and I can’t wait to see how much growth happens. She is learning slowly that life can be beautiful and good. You can choose to have a good day every day and more and more she is pulling herself out and choosing to have a good day. Even if the day starts out rough. She really is showing progress and effort. She wants to have purpose and she wants to have genuine friendships. She wants to know people really care. I tell her every chance I get that I’m here fight with her, for a better future. I know having structure is hard and being rebellious is part of being our mother’s children. She was very very rebellious in her life. Jairon is also very rebellious but he is getting it from both sides. She is starting to believe me when I tell her things and is starting to change her words. She is realizing how truly powerful words are. She does not speak so poorly of herself. I keep on her about the words she uses and she has been even pointing it out to me. So this makes me know she is being more selective of what words she is using. Being positive all the time is hard for anyone. So proud of her.

I have always loved everything about Martial Arts. I was right there with the boys wanting to learn how to become a super hero. David, Ryan and I always played super hero’s and so when our Gramma put us in Martial Arts we were beyond excited and Could not wait to learn. I learned enough to stop getting bullied and so did my brothers. My sister did a very little bit of Martial Arts growing up but was always kicking and punching. She has always been super strong and has hurt me pretty bad a few times with her strength. Her hugs can crack ribs. No a joke. So I really thought she would not only be naturally good but she would enjoy it. I was right. She is getting better and better and starting to really know this is a life time of work and dedication. It’s not something that you quit, there is no season. If you truly do something because you enjoy it, you never stop and you become passionate about it. She is showing both dedication and passion. Now we are on a race to see who will get orange belt first.

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