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Last of Summer fun Ideas

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When Summer is coming to an end, lets be honest, we are brain fried. We don’t know if we can handle one more fight, or whine or ” I’m so bored”. Please use Google like I do for everything. See what you can find and share with us on here your findings. Ill be giving you some Ideas as while but if we work together and put our knowledge together. We can Help each other get through these last few weeks of summer.

We decided to make sun masks and they turned out so good. You just need glue, pre-cut out triangles or orange and yellow, paper plates with the center cut out preferably , a Popsicle stick, a yellow or orange marker. With adult supervision, any child over 2 can color the ring, glue on the triangles. and Popsicle stick. Use clothing pins to keep Popsicle stick on plate while drying. With the circular part of the plate it seem to have a hard time staying put while drying. Just a craft hack I found that works. Refer to the pictures.

Now some big hits we do around the year here is, Craft free time no directions, and see what they make, another one is painting with the primary colors and learning to mix colors but also free paint time to directions. But please supervise. Be supportive of what they want to do and only help if asked(unless its a helpless child that always wants help/ wants you to do it) . Make them try without you help for at least the first 5 mins, and along the way tell them how great they are doing and that” see” they can do it. Both having creative activity’s and you being encouraging while they are trying something for the first time. Will help them develop faster and be more confident.

So here is a few more ideas. Now go get creative and have fun doing it. Stimulate their brains and get it ready for the school year. Remember only your mind holds the limit. Now go get those creative juices flowing. Give More, Live More, Smile More.



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