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Maxx started our 3rd and final 2 year old boy.

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Maxx was a preemie and has everything that go’s along with that. He knows how to cry to say he is not happy but we are still working on word comunication. He says some words but no more then 2 together. He is so cute and super happy when he is happy. He is a bit sensitive but you can easily distract him. With motion, or new noises. He loves it when you act silly but not to silly or you could scare him. He has a rough sleeping pattern, that is frustrating but we will work on it. He after only one week is starting to listen, trust and learn that we are good people that truly care about him. He is saying words and crying less. He is just underdeveloped and needs a push to catch up and I’m the girl that can do it.

Any time a kid starts there is an adjustment period, they cry more, they can’t sleep at first, they sometimes won’t eat, they are still learning to trust you. Poor Maxx’s first week was a tough one. He started to break his 2 year old molars and got sick. There was a lot of crying but I showered him with love and patience. He started to feel better by the end of the week and had a great ending to the last day. He played outside well with the other kids and seemed to be more trusting on this day. I’m excited to get to know Maxx better and become one of his people he fully trusts. Adjustment is hard for anyone, I feel good about what the future holds. Love this boy already. The sky is the limit.

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