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My Biggest Struggle only having One Child

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Us mothers that only have one child over the age of 4 have so many obstacles we face every day. Mom’s that have a very strict rule on screen time . . . .  we have an even harder time day in day out. Well and then if you add on top of all of that, a very busy boy, that acts so much and is in his own world most of the time, that he can’t even listen to his own name(this makes things more interesting) . . . . . . . . that’s my child, my world. That is the one I get  . . . . . the one I was gifted from the universe . . . . The one I get to guide through this crazy thing called life. We as parents of only one child get to also be there number 1 everything. Whenever you only have one child you do whatever you can to help stimulate them and keep them busy. We spend lots of money and time buying them things to keep them busy. In hopes to having some time to catch up on house work, maybe make some calls, ect. It always works the first time maybe the second but at some point your child is going to crave human interaction. So with one child you are the only other human so they will throw a fit sometimes to just get some attention. We have to make time for that one child that we have. It my be our only. If we let our self’s be consumed by our everyday tasks we miss it. Being there everyday and we still miss so much of it. I make sure I take a day to JUST BE. I do very little house work, and I make school time extra fun and different. We play most of the day and I just soak it all in. I don’t think about anything other than making memories and do this each week.

I never wanted an only child. I wanted many children and still would love to have at least one more. The universe has a plan that we my not understand all the time but we are always given what we need and what needs us. I decided when my son turned 2 I could wait awhile for any more babies. He has kept me on my toes since the day I felt him moving inside of me. I knew he would be smart but I did not realize how smart. He will change the world with that smile and sweet heart. I just have to stay strong along the way so he will keep his passion and drive in life. Us parents of the strong willed and stubborn little ones have very important jobs. We have to make sure our child is understood and not changed. We have to help them understand where and how to use their strengths. These children need our love more then most and most of the time they show it in a very unloving way. They are rough and hurt us often, they don’t watch where they are going or realize when they are making others unhappy. They are pushy and can be forceful at time. Then when you need it most they show you how much they really do love you and how gentle and sweet they can be.

My biggest struggle is being both the playmate and a mom. We have so many things to do and they pile up more every day it seems. Playing with your child can seem like a waste of time or its even hard for you to do, because you can’t turn your brain off about all the things on your to do list. You over think every second you are on the ground and can’t stay focused on your child. You keep trying to get up but they keep pulling you down and say “play with me mom! play with me!”. In your head you wish you could be in 2 place at once so you could fully appreciate your time playing.

Please stop doing this, I have and I am so glad I take time each week to play with my son. Over thinking takes away our memories and the very little time we have with our children. Playing is never a waste of time, not with your child or others. You helped make a memory that will last them a life time. We have many hats we wear being a mom but a mom of an only child is even harder because you are also there only playmate.

You will always have things to do and you will always feel like you wish you could be in 2 places at once. These things will not change but you can choose to sit and play with your child each week. You can choose to let go and just focus on their little face. You can choose to watch them play and interact with their toys. You can choose to turn off the screen and JUST BE.


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