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My Little Man is getting so Big and has been so sweet lately

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Jairon is almost 4 and a half, We have been so busy and adjusting to aunt Kerry living with us. He started Karate a few months ago and is doing amazing. He is halfway to his test for his yellow belt. He is loving the time outside of home and is making friends. This makes us so happy as parents. He is an only child and human connection is super important. This is the first activity outside of home, T-ball is next, we are excited,as it starts in May. He may be home schooled but we will make sure he gets socializing outside of the home always. He is so coordinated when he focuses and can do anything for at least 15 mins, then he may lose interest. He is very, very smart but likes to play the” I don’t know” card. He works it on anyone that will let him. He pushes and likes to break rules. He is impossible to punish, he acts like your punishment is what he wanted. I like the” I take what I get in life and roll with it, and nothing can get me down part” . . . . . . but dang this kid is so hard in so many ways. Remind myself every day he is worth it and he will be my biggest “Change Maker” . The future is so important and I will raise my son to know the difference between what helps the world and what fights the flow of earths harmony.

Jairon is reading words everywhere. Its amazing and it makes my heart happy every time. He is even reading Spanish words. He loves to do any kind of art and loves sticker projects. He is way to good at acting and freaks us out sometimes. We have to watch our reaction to his acting. It a bit much. He always wants to do math food, making math with his food is easy and has helped him start to do basic math very young. He is becoming quite my little teacher. He helps me teach the kids often. He is always asking to help me, clean, cook or even make smoothies. He has grown about a half inch in the last year. He is still so small but starting to get heavy. Its finally getting hard to hold him for long periods of time.

His love for music is growing everyday. He is starting to sing with such passion and emotion. He likes to do everything in the mirror( still, an only child thing).  We play a lot of imagination games, most of the time we have to idea what we are reacting to. we just match his emotion. I love that he loves to play. He is great at playing by himself but also is learning how to play well with others. Some days he does great and then others he has a hard time. He keeps asking for a baby to be in my belly but he has a hard time sharing his parents. I’m glad he is open to the idea of us having another kid but I’m not quite ready. Plus he thinks he can pick a sister and on many days says no brothers. Well buddy we can’t really choose. Only time will tell. He has a bit more growing to do. To be honest I would be happy with just him. Being a mother is enough.

We have decided to take this whole music thing to a new level and bought music equipment. Jairon, Jesse and I have been doing harmonizing at night. Every time we get our sound right, Jairon’s eyes light up. I even got teary eyed and got goose bumps. I gave Jesse the best 37th birthday gift, the gift to learn music. He has taken 2 classes and is loving it. Jairon was so excited to see the sound equipment set up. I love when his eyes get so full of wonder and his smile is so big his eyes shut. This kid is going places and I can’t wait to see where he is in a year.


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