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My Sister had her best day so far

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So my sister and me are bonding, She really does want to workout and be involved. She asked for help to make a workout chart. She sat and did the whole thing. No complaining, she helped so much with the kids. I was able to go do an errand and even talked to her about adult stuff. She has total control and she decides when she wants to be happy and not. I was so proud of her, It made my time with her seem worth it and to keep going. As parents we focus to much on what are kids aren’t doing right, that we forget to make sure to tell them when they are doing it right. I told her so many times today that she is doing a great job with the kids and even brought her a surprise when I got back from my errand. She even told me ” look we are bonding, I’m so glad we are becoming friends instead of at each other throats”. I said the only reason we are ever like that, is your actions and behavior. You could chose to have every day be like today but you have to chose it.  She said yeah I know. This is my new life now. Have to focus on the good days and remember how good they are and know some day this will be everyday.

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