Play and Learn

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On this page I will put all the playing while learning information I have or come across. I do activities all the time with my little preschool and I’ll be sharing these with you as well.

Halloween!!!! Harry Potter theme this year

              This is my favorite time of year. You can dress up and be whatever you want to be. This year ...
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3 Seemed so little and 4 Seems so big . . . Blogging juggle

Over the past month of my child being 4, I have seen so much growth and change in him. He ...
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Last of Summer fun Ideas

When Summer is coming to an end, lets be honest, we are brain fried. We don't know if we can ...
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Summer is coming to an end! GO OUTSIDE

Well we love but hate summer. We go all winter wanting it to be warm again, but by the time ...
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Fun Learn and Play project

   This is a recycle reduce reuse project. I like to save lots of house hold waste products, to reuse ...
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Hello world! We are here to Help

Hello everyone, I'm super excited to be able to create a place to help each other grow as parents. Its ...
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