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Sickness hit our house, but have new appreciation . . . . . . . .

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Well for a family that never gets sick. Sickness found us this year. All am going to say is no one should be sick for that long and feel that bad,  thank goodness my child stayed healthy.  I appreciate every single thing more. I’m glad I can clean for as long as I want, Without taking breaks in between. I’m happily sweeping and wiping every surface, Knowing I have a clear head and able to concentrate. I appreciate the ability to take care of my son, without feeling I should be doing more. I’m stress free because I just think about my over all health and knowing how blessed I am with amazing man by my side. A sister that really does show she cares and is very able when she does not have ability to not help. I also feel like I am no longer so hard on myself. I saw how the family struggled to do the things they always count on me for. I appreciate everything they did, from taking care of me to taking care of Jairon since I could not.  I deep cleaned the house a week ago and saw the amount of dirt I myself did not take the time to truly think about till I saw the deep cleaning that was not done. What I have concluded from all of this is I rock at life, I am pretty amazing and so I decided after that day, Stop being hard on yourself. Only lift yourself up, push your self, motivate yourself. I know I have to be the example for everyone I am around. That’s all we can do live our lives and hope along the way we leave to lasting impression.

I feel a change in me that is going to change my life. A burning fire that is going too fuel my future success. I know I will do all the things I want because I am taking baby steps everyday towards them. Every person that has a dream can only make them come true with hard work and being able to struggle and fail. Picking yourself back up after every fall is how you succeed. Life is not easy in anyway shape of form. Only the strongest will go the furthest. Sickness may have took me out physically for a week, That same sickness is feeding my fire to progress. Everything that is put in your path has a reason to be there, Its up to you to take it as something to grow from or something that happened to you. I wish and hope for everyone to feel like I do. With purpose and progress everyday. I keep fighting and every single minute of every day counts. Every second waste can never be replaced. Its gone for good.  You can always start fresh and new the next day. We all have lazy days and not as productive as we could of days. We are human and consistency is one of the hardest self disciplines to learn. We all thrive in structured environments. Children love structure and with out discipline they are lost and don’t know their boundaries. Once we are adults we have to somehow do all of this for ourselves, it’s not that easy. That being said just be the best you can be and don’t be too hard on yourself. Life is good in sickness and in health.

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