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Summer is coming to an end! GO OUTSIDE

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Well we love but hate summer. We go all winter wanting it to be warm again, but by the time August comes we are so over it. We stay in our A/C and central air more than anything. We have done all the summer things and now you are ready for fall. Well with a few weeks left of summer, remember this is the last few weeks here in Oregon, we can go outside. Once the rain starts, it does not stop for like 8 months. . . . not really but it feels like it.

     So make yourself and your family go outside and enjoy the weather while it lasts. We have an amazing park right by our house, but we drive to others so its a new and different place, for the kids. Do more play-dates and things with your friends. But don’t lose out on your last few weeks of your 2018 summer. So go out and spend sometime in the warm(hot) weather. Plan that BBQ you keep saying you need to do, maybe contact some friends you have been trying to hangout with all summer.Your child needs to play and learn and outside play is amazing for their development.

   Life is so busy and oh so hard sometimes. But your kids will never be this age in this summer again. Don’t just sit around and wish it was over, enjoy everything about life, even the heat. We are outside/playing in the water almost everyday in the summer. Your life goes bye fast, don’t waste it looking to where you want to be, live in the moment and enjoy the fall when it gets here. Just be.

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