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The good days out way the bad days

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Well my parenting is all over the place, I was not prepared for what I’m in the middle of. We talked and talked to Kerry about what we expected when she came to stay with us, well she got caught in a lie and brought something on to our property that was not ok, we decided to take away her freedom of being able to leave through out the day, the first morning she was acting just like this, but both Jesse and I told her she is choosing to act like this, and that day she did correct it, then we had another rough morning where she got left home all day and then yesterday she was great and help so much. Have no idea why she is acting like this today? but the punishment of no freedom is staying tell Friday

My son is 4 and my sister is 25. They act the same sometimes and the better behaved one is my SON!!! My sister has no idea who she is or what she wants from life. She obsess over something and bugs and bugs tell she gets it then has something to complain about. No more!! I want so badly to get something for her for Christmas but with her behavior I really feel like it will send the wrong message, so we decided she is only getting things she needs. nothing else. She has been going on and on for over an hour saying all kinds’a bad things about herself, our grandmother and tons of untrue things. I feel at times she just talks to talk. She woke up in a bad mood and has not chosen to change it. She has yelled at me, spit in my face and told me to shut up. I feel like today is a total lose.

She has drained me and I don’t think I’m going to let that happen again. I’ll stay quite, knowing she is not going to make since and she is not going to calm down no matter what I say or do. It was like fighting with an angry drunk that is crying the whole time and screaming and yelling bad things about themselves. It was crazy that when she did say somethings that really got me upset because my son was right there. She did say sorry, So I know she has control, she just wanted to give me hell today. I know I would not be here at this time with her, if I was not ready for it. I have been putt in her life to not only learn myself but to help her learn. Lets hope she decided to have a better day tomorrow. Meditation and yoga are key

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