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The last 3 weeks have been a bit Crazy

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So we ended up with 16 days off. Over 2 weeks. We got to have a ton of Christmas fun. My brother, my friend Lisa and her daughter came over for new years eve. I made some Yummy food and banana bread. We played apples to apples. My Sister was being sassy and my brother had to put her in her place. She did not like that and shut down before even the muffins were done and went to bed so it was a Kerry free night. That was her choice. But not going to say it did not feel good seeing my brother handle it in a very respectful way with a nice, quiet tone and she still could not handle being told off. She was being very disrespectful and in his face. We all enjoyed our night anyways I have stopped letting her effect our mood,as much . . . .

A few days later we got kids again. Was so good to see them but Paislee was sick so she did not come the first day. I played and cuddled and recorded. Was a great first day back with the kids. BUT . . . . . . . . just 2 days after that a mom let me know they have found head lice in the kids hair that had just came. What a nightmare right. Well the other kids from the other family had a tummy bug the same week. That tummy bug stayed in there family but both Colby and Paislee passed it back and forth for 2 weeks. They both got it twice. Both missed on different days so lots of sanitizing and vacuumed everything. Washed all the bedding and just to be on the safe side treated everyone for lice. We will be keeping our eyes out. Kerry hacked our WiFi account and lied about it, she gave our address and phone number out. So all her freedom and phone has been taken away. This whole thing is crazy, its just like having a teenager.

So on the positive side Kerry did have over 10 days in a row of choosing to have a good day. We are not sure if it was because she was getting away with having the WiFi password or if it was because she was talking to an X we have asked her to not contact and he was talking to her( the person she gave our info to ) we were not happy. I finally put out an add for someone to help with Kerry.  I got some creepy people but one had been a big blessing for the whole family. A lady that has a small farm that needs some help, Offered to help her stay busy by coming to work on the farm. I best part the whole family can come and help to so my son can get the experience also. We have gone once and my sister at first just wanted to sit in the car. After about an hour i told one of the sweet girl helps to go see if she wanted to come see the bunnies with us. She finally got out and helped and rode on the tractor. She had such a great time she wanted to know when she could come back. Well do to the owner getting sick we are skipping this week. But starting back up starting  Thursday. My son loved it so much he asked us the very next morning if we can all go live on the farm. Also the whole family decided to start karate and its super fun but kicking our butts. Jairon did good in his last one on one class and also did amazing at his last group class and did not leave. He has been showing more care and compassion towards others, and has become my big helper. Kerry is so helpful on her good days, she helps with the kids and does cleaning without being asked. I feel like we connect so deeply some days and others, I feel I have lost her. I know I have to be a parent first and a sister second. She is so ready for this but I think she did not realize how hard change really is.  We all are finding our groove and 2019 is going to be our year. I talked to the neighbor and she wants me to have her baby full time starting when the baby is 3 months old. It’s exciting and overwhelming but its an amazing opportunity so I will keep you posted. I also when to linfield collage to scout out someone to help with the video stuff and teach me what I need to learn. Super exciting month with lots of twists and turns but we are starting to feel normal with Kerry here,   So that wraps up the last few weeks.


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