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The Sweetest Kid with the Biggest Heart

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About 6 months ago when Miss Paislee started with me, I knew she was super smart. She knows how to focus and is eager to learn. The very first day a saw a instant connection between her and my little boy. They always play well together for the most part. Even if they get upset at one another they are both quick to forgive each other. They want to do whatever the other is doing. I love to see my son connect so well with another child. Him being an only child, its important for him to have strong connections young.

  Paislee has learned so much even with all the boys distracting her. She is always wanting to share with the others and is always helping Jairon be accountable. In the beginning she had to learn how to express herself and was so shy she would just laugh when you talked to her or answered yes to everything. She has come along way and will now talk my ear off if I let her. She is always helping me or asking to help. She likes to be the good one and likes to be the good example. She is becoming quite the little teacher herself. Telling her little brother ” talk like a big boy, use your words” and ” great job using your words” when he uses them. Positive structure is what seems to work best with Paislee ( great way to teach altogether). She can be a bit sensitive at times and her little heart feels so deeply for others. Her brother was sick and missed one day and she kept saying he was going to get all better soon( so sweet)and even teared up telling me about him getting sick  (throwing up) it was the sweetest thing ever made me tear up.

She learned how to trace her name very quickly. I was trying to help her one day only a few weeks after coming (only part time) and I said show me how well you can and she blew me away. She did it so perfectly and clear. I was beyond shocked. She will have great penmanship when she is older. She is always asking to go outside, even if its raining or wet outside; she has a solution for it. She is a true outdoors girl, wants to go out in any condition. She has learned how to solve her own problems by talking them out and tattles much less.  She plays so well with the boys. She has held worms and dug in the dirt right along side of the boys. She wants to race, hit the ball, ride bikes and likes to play catch with Jairon. Obstacle course are her all time favorite, she wants to just do them over and over.  She has a very smart little brother Colby that is starting to catch up. Paislee is great at encouraging him and helping him too . So much love for her brother.

Every day she can she wants to play with Play-Doh or paint or color( art lover for sure). She has a bit of everything down, some numbers,letters, colors; she knows lots of her animals and almost every planet. She loves the calendar, counting( both English and Spanish), today-tomorrow-yesterday cards, weather and loves to sing the weekday song( both in English and Spanish);She loves to sing and man can her a Jairon belt it out together( music time can get loud with those two). She always randomly sings and wants us all to join in( and we do). There is lots of hand motions and little dancing sometimes. She loves to dance, do yoga, or even the butterfly game( your lags are butterfly wings). She really likes my food and always has been a great eater at my house. She is big for her age and has been about the same size as Jairon steadily. They are both still about the same size.  This girl is so excited about life and I’m so proud of her, she has learned so much in such a short amount of time. I know this girl won’t let anything get in her way( like her mama). She will do something helping people or maybe a teacher some day( she is a natural teacher). Love this girl!

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