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We are on YouTube ” Our Journey 2 Just Be”

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So life has changed direction yet again. We started a YouTube channel. This is why I have been MIA on here. My partner finally decided YouTube would be a good outlet for him in his recovery. He is a recovering addict that is making steps to make sure he does not slip. He is figuring out his triggers and addressing them. No matter how hard they are to face, he is owning them, and talking about them often. He is not hiding from his disease anymore. He tells people almost as soon as we meet them” I’m a recovering addict”. The first time I heard him say it, my heart dropped. My first thought was are people going to judge us. Is he really ready to tell them that, we just met?? and so many other thoughts. Then I realized he is not hiding, he is not ashamed anymore. He is owning it and taking steps to fully recover. He is finally realize that he is on the other side. He has made it. Nothing has a hold of him anymore. He also knows now that he can help others that are struggling with addiction, in their recovery. So a whole session of our channel will be Jesse talking about his addiction recovery. Changes he has made that have worked as well as things that he still struggles with. He is under going mouth surgery this next week. So this part will all start in about a month or less. Jesse is ready for this next chapter of learning.

Our channel name is ” Our Journey 2 Just Be” where our name came from was our son Jairon. Jesse was in a rehab detox center for over 10 days with no contact. His first call was to us. Jairon our son was 2. The very first thing Jairon said to his dad was. ” Daddy . . . . . Just Be” the phone call ended as quickly as in began with Jesse balling on the other end of the phone. Jairon was only 2 and is still only 5. He has no idea how much that small little phrase has help so many. Jesse shared this phone call experience with his council group. Everyone was moved by it, it has came up time and time again. Some friends Jesse made in their have tattooed these words on there body and have shared it with Jesse. “Just Be” is what everyone needs to live by, not just Addicts. We all need to slow down and just be. This is why we decided to put it in our YouTube name.

I will also be sharing about my book on YouTube. My book is done, starting to type it. This is the long part that is not the most fun part. I am hoping that my book will be out in this calendar year. Once we get the YouTube thing down and I get the juggle down. I will probable just keep our YouTube channel and as some point this Blog will go away. So please if you still want to follow our lives. Come check out our YouTube “Our Journey 2 Just Be”

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