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We went and visited Aunt Kelli and Uncle Harry

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We took our first big vacation of 2019 to California to see Kelli and Harry’s New place. Jesse got off work a bit early and drove to Yreka, California the first day. Decided to stayed in a hotel there. Jairon’s First time staying in a hotel. He kept asking where the living room was and if this was Kelli’s . . . . . . .  We thought that was so cute. He is a great little traveler and did finally understand we were halfway there and that we would see Kelli the next day. We went and had the most delish dinner at Black Bear Diner. We all slept so very well and then headed to Sanora, California early. This is where Kelli has decided to retire. It was about 6 hours with stops. Jairon slept for part of it and we stopped in Sacramento so Jairon could go play at a great park I found downtown. There was so many cool feature at the Park. They had a few alien ships and sculptures that the kids could play on and take pictures with. They had swings and a big sand pit we could not keep Jairon out of( he needed to move and get all the wiggles out).Jesse stayed right with Jairon and played with him the whole time. Jesse is such a hands on dad, that truly enjoys spending time with his child. We are so luck to have him.


I took lots of pictures and talked to a really nice family with 4 kids. We ended up staying for about 45 mins. Then it was Back on the road we go. We had about 2 hours left and a beautiful drive ahead. As we got closer and closer to Yosemite the natural beauty increased with every mile. Having all that Beauty around to detract us, helped the last 2 hours fly by. We were at Kelli’s in no time. We got a quick tour of the house and then in the pool we went.Ruby Jesse littlest cousin was there staying with Kelli. Jairon loved to have a kid to play with. It was so hot and man did the pool feel heavenly. We enjoyed the pool for the rest of the day. The kids had fun playing with us adults. Then stayed up late to see Jupiter and Saturn with uncle Harry’s telescope. It was super cool to see them and how bright they were. The bugs loved us, well they loved Jesse and I. Jairon never gets bite. Lucky guy. The next morning was a slow one. Everyone stayed up much to late. We had a very crabby Jairon. But we rolled with it. Kelli took u

s to the old town place and we rode on an old covered wagon and we almost got “Robbed”. Jairon was like, what the heck is going on. He got all serious and said” what is going on here guys”. Then right at the end of the hold up he said “its enough” and then when he let us go. Jairon said” that was a close one” to cute. We laughed at how cute Jairon’s reaction was and I even got some of it recorded. Then It was time to go have lunch at the old town pizza place. We got to drink all the Sarsaparilla(rootbeer) we could with pizza and bread sticks. Was the best meal on the whole trip. Best Sarsaparilla I have ever had, well the only Sarsaparilla I have ever had. . . .  Then we headed back to Kelli’s to enjoy the rest of the hot day in Kelli’s and Harry’s pool. We all had a blast. Jairon is really showing more confidence in the water and will for sure be swimming by the end of summer. We all got a bit burnt but not to bad. Kelli offered to keep Jairon the next day while we went to Yosemite, We thought about it and our last years trip to Yellowstone.  Jairon is a bit young to be walking 5 plus miles and Jesse would be carrying him the whole time. Jairon was having a rough time with the trip getting him off of his normal schedule so we decided to take her up on her offer.We decided we would just leave super early and get back in time to spend the last day with everyone. It was an early night for everyone. Jesse and I were excited to have an advernture the next day just us too.

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