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While on vacation had an unsettling interaction

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While giving my son a break at a park on vacation. I started talking to a very nice family. The mother was a teacher and had 4 kids of her own. We talked bout boys and having a hard time in school. We talked about how sad it is so many kids are being put on drugs so they will stop getting in trouble at school. We talked about school funding and school classes being cut on options in high schools. We agreed on so many things. Then some how mandatory vaccinations came up. California has a very strict rule on vaccinations and school. Parents have gotten there kids taken away due to not vaccinating. This is crazy to me. We have a right to choose what is best for our kids. We have a right to say if we want or don’t want something to be put in our child’s body. We have a right to question if something is safe. I am not an anti-vaccinator, BUT I believe we all should have the right to choose. I believe every single man women and child matters. There has been more deaths from prescription drugs then any illness caused from not being vaccinated. There are immune system deficiency disorders where kids would die if they had even one vaccination, there are family’s that have rare complicated jeans that cause them to get the symptoms of the disease they are getting vaccinated for. Like being paralyzed from the polio vaccine( temporarily) or getting a mild rash from the MMR. This can happen and has. These family’s would be effected by mandatory vaccination laws. Right?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So while we get into this subject I hear her say some very selfish and brainwashed things like. ” Mandatory vaccinations is a good thing” for who?? big Pharma. She said that it keeps the majority of the public “safe” or is it that it takes away a another human right?? and they tell us its a good idea and in-place fear in our minds to make us think its a big risk to not. I asked her does not everyone matter????  . . . . without missing a beat she said “No”. this shocked me coming from a teacher. then she said ” I know that sounds bad, but I care about my 4 kids and there safety” . . . . . . . .My heart sank to my stomach and I felt myself blush. Is this what the world has come too. We only care about our people in our little circle. Then I asked if she agreed with what New York just passed, where every child under the age of 12 has to carry around there proof of vaccination. They will have health officers at every public place checking to see if kids are vaccinated. This is crazy to me. She said ” yes good for them, taking action to protect there states people . . . . I said “What!!!!!! not all the people only the majority that can vaccinate”. I again brought up the other kids in the world that can’t vaccinate/ parents don’t vaccinate them. They can’t go to public places, they can’t even take piano lessons or go to the local park and play. Can’t go to public or privet schools forcing parents to vaccinate or home school. Her response was the deal breaker on continuing any further with my time. She stated” New York has always been the leader on change and I hope soon the whole nation changes to that so we can better protect our childern”. I politely said” Thanks for your dedication as a teacher and good luck with her 4 children.” she was nice as well and said “safe traveling and have fun at Yosemite” I walked away so shocked that this is what our would has came to. I’m glad we could disagree and leave the conversation on a peaceful note but dang did I have a bad taste in my mouth. I care about everyone, I truly do. We all need to start looking at the bigger picture not just at the picture inside our bubble. I hope more people realize no matter the reason it is not ok to take away our human rights. No even ONE.

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