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Writing my Book . . . . . . . . . . . .

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The 2 year mark has come and gone. I thought in the be-gaining I could pump out a book in a year. You have a great idea and many people that you know could benefit from. You spend so much time thinking about it and writing it. You feel like it will never come. I am finally at the final stages for the writing part. Just the first draft. I am going to be down loading a talk typing app. I have hand written every word. It just flows out sometimes and others its just ideas that turn into a chapter. So many have contacted me wanting to know when. I am unable to know at this time. I need to be closer to being ready to publish before I can say. So much work is put in to making a book I never knew. I will keep going and pushing forward. I have never been a quitter.

I moved to an amazing neighborhood about a year ago. When moving I knew the new house was by a nice school and really nice family homes were there. A few months after moving. It was Christmas time so we decided to go hand out some cookies and meet our closest neighborhoods. We met a few elderly couples, and some families. I was so pleased to meet them all but did not expect to have so much In common and grow so fondly of my neighborhood. I realized that so many are working towards the same goals and raising their children the same way. Minimize screen time,they almost all garden, healthier foodies. We have monthly socials which has been a great time to get to really know my neighbors. Two of my neighbors have written and publish childern books. Both say they can help me once I’m complete and ready to publish. I feel more and more in my soul that we are put right where we are meant to be. I have been doing the work and was not sure how to handle the publishing part.

I now have everything in my life to make this dream happen. Your support system is so important . Without mine I would have given up along time ago. Keep your circle positive and inspiring. If you never give up then you’ll always be winning.

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