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ZOO Trip 2019

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Rain or shine we planned to go, and we got some of both. The kids never complained once about the rain. It was not a cold day so that helped and it was just exciting for all of them to all be together at the Zoo. The only one we had missing was Draydyn. We missed him and Colby asked a few times “where was Draydyn” But I was so happy 4 of the 5 kids got to come. Jesse and Colby Hung out for most of the day. Juni’s dad Mike and I kept an eye on Jairon, Juni and Paislee. That was a task but do to a bit of rain there where not a lot of people there. We saw so many animals. Shortly after getting there, we saw a snake eating a rat. It was super cool to watch. Then we saw the flamingo and a duck with a bright blue bill. The huge fish in the tank with the alligator was cool. The alligators eyes keeps following the fish as they swam by. We though we might get to see another animal eat. But the alligator did not end up moving. The porcupines on the other hand where moving all over. It was like they where doing a little dance. Their long quills looked like they had suits of long dark grass on or a stiff wig. The kids really liked the Porcupines, they giggled a lot while we watched them walk around. Then came my favorite animal, the giraffes, these majestic, huge but gentle creatures amaze me. Every time I see them I feel like I’m in the presence of greatness. They are like no other animal on earth. Then we saw some funny looking monkeys and went into where the birds are. Then we saw the lions. since it was raining they where close to the glass out of the rain. I had Paislee with me looking at the lion. The lion turned and looked right at us. Made eye contact with both Paislee and me. Paislee backed up and bonged her head and I truly felt the feeling of true power when that Lion looked directly in my eyes. The power they have is so amazing to see in real life. Then came the cheetahs. Due to the rain they as well where very close to the window and napping. But the safari jeep right by the cheetahs was a big hit with all the kids. Then we headed over to the elephants for the info show. The elephant was in such a great mood and did all kinds of things. He was being oh so silly. The kids loved it. We had lunch there as well. Then came the chimpanzees they gave quite the show. There was one right by the glass and it started to make kissy faces at Paislee and she got scared. I said he is just giving her kisses. Then had Jairon go see if the chimp would give him love. It kissed at Jairon and at Juni. They played with it. opened there mouth and then silly faces. Then he seemed to get embarrassed or just was done and he went away. It was a super cool experience and It was so cute to see the animal show love and communication skills. Then came the penguins and then sea otters. Both exhibits where pretty empty of animals. Then we decided to take the train around the Zoo. The kids  loved it and wanted to go again but we once went once. Then it was time to head out. We saw the white mountain goats on the way out and had the 3 oldest kids do the pictures booth. Was a great way to end the day. Got to love field trips and getting away to learn. So thankful for my life and everyone in it.

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